What are you focusing on?

Good Morning All,

I caught myself getting wrapped up in the latest drama at my job, forgetting that this a temporary place in my journey. I began paying attention to the “attitudes” that were around me, the “slick comments”, and the infamous “facial-expressions”! As I left work, still  angry at how my day had went, I began praying asking God to let someone call me in regards to the position’s I had applied for.

I found myself looking for every source of encouragement that confirmed that God heard my prayer. I was getting frustrated because I could not seem to get myself back to “myself”, (in which I may add) is a very uncomfortable feeling, especially when I have worked so hard to find myself and manage my anger. But for some reason this situation really had me messed up. I knew my potential and growth with God, I knew my potential at the job, I just could not shake the fact that I did not like my co-workers, and I did not want to come back.

As I am still going through this problem, there are a few lessons I have paid attention to that I am going to share:

  1. Remember there is more strength in you than weakness.
  2. This problem will take a lot of mental strength so, be prepared to speak positive to yourself until you see change.
  3. Know with confidence that in the right timing, God will put this situation under your feet!
  4. Smile knowing that everything is working out for your good.
  5. Keep your peace, and guard it with your life. If you choose to give into the negativity, then you give up your power!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you have managed to  change a “Bad or uncomfortable” situation into a “good” situation.

Peace and Blessings to You,



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  1. Kendrainspires | April 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm | Reply

    Hi Corey,

    Thank you for your comment! Working out is always a good way to relieve stress…I too, find relief in working out daily! Keep up the good work!


  2. hello, I Manage my stress by exercise working and dealing with everyday situations takes a toll on me. So running helps me distress

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