Sunday Morning Prayer

Good Morning All,

Good Morning God! Thank You for allowing us to make it yet another week. Thank You for looking over us as we slept. Thank You for our families, job, the lessons learned, and life itself. Thank You for being consistent in our lives. Thank You for understanding us even when we don’t understand ourselves. Thank You for every blessing You have given us freely. Thank You for allowing us to come to You in prayer and for your acceptance of us.

Father, as we enter into another week, we just ask that you keep our minds at peace and to make every crooked path straight. If we find ourselves in situations that may be confusing for us, Lord, give us clarity. For every decision we have to make, make it easy for us. Let us not be pressured by anyone or anything around us. Remind us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and therefore, we do not have to be like anyone else but ourselves. Thank you for your strength and power in our lives.

We are asking that you remove any fear from  our lives that is hindering us from moving forward, or doing what you have called us to do. We understand that when you command us to do something, we must do it, but God it’s hard sometimes to fully trust you and we are asking for forgiveness. Use us God, mold us God, and above all allow us to know that You and You alone are our only source of Love & Guidance.

In Jesus’ name,


Make it a good day! 🙂

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