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August 8, 2015. “Re-kindled Relationships”

After running into a few individual’s in which I have not talked to for a couple years, I was inspired to share and get you all’s thoughts. How do you feel about “Re-Kindling Relationships.” For security purpose I will not expose any names or go into full detail about the events which may have lead up to us not speaking to each other, but I will say, after thinking over what happened in both situations, from my perspective, the reasons we parted ways, weren’t official reasons for us to end the “friendships.”

So a few question for you are:

1. What do you do if someone you considered a friend no longer wants to be your friend, and one day you see them again; do you accept them back into your life with open arms?

2.  Do you hold onto the hurt that person may have caused you when they left your life, or do you let the past be the past?

Please leave and comment below & share your thoughts, I’m eager to hear your responses.

*Remember always EMBRACE who YOU are.






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