Enough Is Enough



There comes a point when you get tired of  participating in the drama that is in your life. Could it be, that the drama in your life has become a “norm”? There may be a thousand and one questions running through your head about  a certain problem, and you may not necessarily come up with a solution right away, and that is ok! But you must begin to think about your life and how valuable you see YOURSELF, in order to rid the drama from your life. It’s very frustrating not knowing how to get out of that problem and how to get it out of your life. It’s a tough pill to swallow while sitting in your pain, frustrations, and confused about how to exit stage left! Life gets real, and often times you begin questioning yourself, as if you’re the bad guy in the situation, when clearly you are not. Life is hard, no doubt it is, but the true test and difficulty comes once you’re forced to step out on faith and walk away from that problem. The beauty about throwing your hands up and walking away is, 1. You no longer allow the situation to control you. 2. You find strength. 3. You are empowered to make an “Exit-Plan”. 4. Life will challenge you to want better. 5. You become irritated with the situation, which FORCES you want better for yourself and eventually you will walk away from the situation.

Understand problems come into our lives to make us better, and sometimes we may want to sit around and be a victim, however, there will always be a brighter day, and the situation has come to pass. Smile and start asking the “What” questions. “What is this problem coming to teach me?” “What am I to learn from this”? What is this showing me about myself?”

You’re BETTER than this!

You can handle any and everything you face everyday! You are soooo amazing! You are Loved! Embrace who you are, because there is no one like you!

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