Be Honest With Yourself


frustrationOften times we are introduced to problems in our lives that we are forced to deal with. Let’s be honest for a second and say, we really could spare the headache that come with the problems, so we run from it and let it linger around for minutes, hours, days, and maybe even for weeks. Now, we have one problem that we do not want to deal with, and we have created another problem which we can call PROCRASTNATION!  So now we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the worse and solve the problem before it becomes a little to late.

Being a college student, I went through many days trying NOT to deal with Statistics and the homework. Stats was hard for me to learn because I wasn’t understanding the purpose of statatitics, and guess what happened? I FAILED the class, not once but twice! What!! How in the world did I do that? Duh, I ran from the problem, I ran from the homework, the studying, and the time that was required of me to learn the course material. How foolish of me to do that?

I wonder, how many other individuals are out there in the world who have pushed a situation off for so long, and now it’s un-manageable?

Below are a few suggestions that I pray will inspire you to tackle your problems head-on, and overcome them:

1. Acknowledge your problem.

2. Create list of ways to solve the problem.

3. Take the time and invest what’s required of YOU while in the problem.

4. THINK and SPEAK positivity while solving the problem (Positive affirmations).

5. **Whatever you do, DO NOT play a victim while either in the problem or finding a solution for the problem.

***Always know these problems come to us to PASS, therefore, you are fully EQUIPPED to solve the problem, You are a strong Child of God, which allowed you to walk into the situation. Trust God, and as Oprah says: “ALL IS WELL AND ALL WILL BE WELL NO MATTER WHAT.”

I would love to hear how you over came a problem, leave a comment below  to share  your thoughts!



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