Meet Kendra

Kendra Geter is an up and coming Motivational speaker, and founder of H.E.R.S, which stands for Honor, Embrace, Respect-Self.  She is a mother of 3, and a Wilmington University graduate, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science. She enjoys Motivating and Inspiring others to be better than their “current” situation. Her goal for becoming a Motivational Speaker is to encourage us to “Embrace our Uniqueness”, love & honor ourselves, all while being the Achiever WE were called to be!

After a massive change in Kendra’s life in 2014, she was forced to see life differently, which made her change her attitude about life. She went through a series of tough days, where she played the “victim” and was mad at the world. All the while, having days where she was motivated to wanted better, but did not know how to get to a better life. She began struggling with finding balance between her highs and lows most of the time.  She quickly realized that being angry was not the life that was designed for her. Life demanded  Kendra to change her method of thinking and feeling because her health was challenged in a negative way. The roller coaster of emotions and the mental torment, went on for nine months!

Kendra soon began journaling her thoughts, frustrations, anxieties…etc, she discovered she CAN and WILL get through this tough time. She began educating herself on different fruits and veggies, the benefits of eating healthy, as it relates to taking care of her body. She also started working out 3-4 times a week which allowed an outlet for her emotions. She would watch multiple YouTube video’s on Natural Hair Care. She later discovered, taking care of her natural hair became a joy for her. She purchased every Self-Help book available, and began meditating to Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation challenges. She found new exciting adventures to have with her children such as going to the beach, and enrolling them in swimming classes.

Kendra believes that it was nothing but the Grace of God that allowed her to get through that tough season in her life. She is excited to have an opportunity to encourage everyone with sharing a little bit of motivation! Kendra has invited you to walk with her on this journey.

“I pray that no matter what you encounter, you become spiritually awakened enough to have the STRENGTH and the WISDOM to think positive and to believe that EVERYTHING will GET BETTER!”


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