What Is Your Passion?

passion-and-purposeEvery now and again we may feel as if we are stuck in our current job situation. Sometimes feeling this way could be a good thing because if we choose to have the right perception of the problem, we began questioning our life. We may even start off with the question: Why am I here? Once that questions is asked, we are now on a spiritual awakening which allows us to continue to ask more questions about ourselves and our lives. Eventually we start seeking other individuals life stories and how they made it.


Ultimately the goal is to ask ourselves as many questions as possible  about ourselves and be aware enough to receive the answers. Many people find their true purpose in life in connection with what they love to do. That is another question we can ask ourselves. What do I love to do?

The beauty of it all is we are unique and there is no one else out here in the world who can find the answer for us, we must find it for ourselves. Yes, our passion may be the same as someone else’s, however, we all have different ways of getting the job done. It will take us a while to truly find what we are passionate about, and that’s ok, keep searching ANYWAY!!

Whatever, we do, we must not be too hard on ourselves, and get so stressed out that we sell ourselves short and give up!

Good Luck on Your quest!


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