Get With the Program and Check Your Motives

Often times, I hear people saying they are going to do this, and they are going to do that, but it never gets done. I asked a good friend of my “What is your true motive behind why you’re doing what you’re doing?” Believe it or not that person did not have a answer. I began thinking about my life and wondering if I have ever entertained or am I currently entertaining something/someone in which I have no motive behind it. Of course, me being the analytical person that I am, I found that indeed I was entertaining some things that I clearly should not have wasted the time or energy on. How many times have we done this un-knowingly?  Quite a few, if we take a minute to be honest.

Don’t stress or beat yourself up trying to figure out your motives, simply take the awareness and DO BETTER! Maya Angelou said it best “When You know better You do better!”

Take a minute and ask yourself for every area in your life “What is my motive for doing…?”

Be Blessed!


*Embrace Your Uniqueness”


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