Lately, I have been spending too much time paying attention to things that are keeping me unfocused on my dream. I was becoming frustrated, mad, and found myself using words that were not “Godly”, and seriously just hating life.

It wasn’t until I sat myself down, meditated, and realized that hey I am participating in things that aren’t worth my time…for what? I want to simply be honest and say what the reasoning is, however, I still don’t even know. All I know is I need to get my head on straight and continue to press and complete what God has called me to do. It is very easy to get distracted when you don’t believe you are equipped enough to handle the task God has set out for you to do. So, I’ve been asking God over, and over, and over, again..if he was sure he wanted me to do this particular task? I know the answer, but it just feels like he has picked the wrong one.  A scenario was given in church two weeks ago, about a child asking his parents for a snack over, and over, and over again, as if their original answer was going to change, and guess what?, the answer was still the same.

I am on a journey like everyone else is, and it wouldn’t be fair if I got on this blog and acted as if I’m not struggling with my calling like others may be, because I am!

Word of advice: STOP TRYING TO RUN FROM THE THING GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO. As I am experiencing this thing now, it is not a good feeling to play around with your calling, and trust me…I’m learning that the hard way.

Until next time, don’t forget to #Embrace Your Uniqueness.


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