How amazing are you Sweetie Pie?

That nose, those lips, and those beautiful eyes!

Who walks and talks like you?

There is no other.

Who can handle a problem like you, without walking away and saying “I’m through?”

How amazing are you Sweetie Pie?

When life gets hard on you, don’t you sit there and cry.

STAND UP!!, With your head held high, understanding it MUST be YOU, so stand up with Pride!

YOU have been chosen for this Life we call a bumpy ride!

Everything YOU do is wonderful, so look at yourself and smile.

How amazing are you Sweetie Pie?

Look at that hair, those nails, and them perfect thighs!

Everything on you is positioned just the way it should be.

So walk around this world and announce your BEAUTY.

For you are an image of the Creator himself,

So open those arms and welcome him for rest.

Educate yourself about YOU and toot your own horn.

EMBRACING and enjoying why you were born.

Step into your destiny;

For there you will see

How wonderful it is to just be free.

Take care of yourself, and just let it be

Say out loud: I am amazingly ME!






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